core and pelvic floor movement rehab

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core and pelvic floor movement rehab

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Feel great in your body

Drop the guilt / shame game around exercise and start feeling at peace in your body by moving in a way that builds strength, flexibility, and optimal function.

- Stop gripping your stomach and holding a "tight" core all the time

- Overcome fear of injury and exercise with ease

Improve incontinence and learn about your pelvic floor


Fitness doesn't have to be about pushing harder 

My passion is to help you move in a way that feels good.

I want you to be the strongest, most confident, flexible version of yourself without beating yourself up, being fearful of getting injured, or getting obsessed with measurements, pounds, or percentages.

I want to help you learn about your own body and pelvic anatomy so that you can function optimally (like run, jump, or laugh without peeing your pants, live without chronic constipation, enjoy intercourse without pelvic pain).

My passion is to help you be kind to your body and your mind.




Helping people move and be more kind to themselves since 2005.

  • Elyse Sparkes

    My whole family is reaping the benefits of a much happier, energetic person in the house. Elyse, you are my fitness unicorn!

    21 Day Workout Program, Restore Your Core®

  • Elyse Sparkes

    Your sessions have been so incredibly helpful in my healing process. By simply applying some of your tips for posture and alignment my constipation has almost entirely disappeared! I was surprised at how much my body was working during the series and have been delighted with the results. I felt emotional release at various points, learned so much about what is best for my personal body and also do feel stronger and more stable!! Thank you. This work is so important!

    Pelvic Floor 101 and Restore Your Core® Participant

  • Elyse Sparkes

    This class run by Elyse is seriously the best gift you could give yourself. I’ve taken this course before, and every session walked away stronger & with better body awareness. Treat yourself!!

    1:1 Personal Training, Restore Your Core® and Hips, Core, Pelvic Floor participant

  • Elyse Sparkes

    I went from barely being able to hold a plank at all (when I really pushed myself I just made it for 40 seconds) to holding it for a whole minute and a quarter!...Being back in the zone has made starting exercise feel easy, and Elyse’s pep talks, tips and tricks have made me understand that it’s all about balance, gentle encouragement and self-cheerleading - carrot not stick!

    1:1 Personal Training and 21 day Workout Program